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CAIR: Flight attendants start voting

07/01/2005 13:16
The stance of the flight attendants to the Labour Ministry’s proposal for the viability of the national carrier will be announced on Monday. The vote, which started today, will be completed next week due to low attendance.

On the question whether a positive decision by SYNYKA (flight attendants) will affect the decision of SYPKA (flight attendants), SYPKA Chairman, Andreas Koutourousiis said that a decision of colleagues always affects”.

The engineers’ trade union ASYKEKA is expected to have a meeting with the Cyprus Airways Management before ending up with its decision. ASYKEKA General Secretary, Simos Loizou said that the Labour Ministry’s proposal refers to certain deliberations that have to take place within 15 days for engineering issues. On the question whether SYNYKA’s decision will affect ASYKEKA’s decision, Mr. Loizou said that ASYKEKA has the majority of the department and SYNYKA’s decision is not expected to affect its decision.

It is noted that SYNYKA-SEK and SIDIKEK-PEO have accepted the conciliatory proposal and expect the decisions of PASYPI, ASYKEKA and SYPKA.