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CAIR: Measures against open skies

16/07/2012 14:08
The Cyprus Airways employees decided on Monday to take response measures in order to withdraw the open skies plan.

The measures – as said at the joint meeting of the four trade unions, excluding the pilots – will not affect the flight schedule of the airline.

SIDIKEK-PEO General Secretary, Antonis Neophytou stated that the genera meeting of the employees to decide on the measures will be held on Thursday.

“The meeting also dealt with the unconstitutional provisions of the law on open skies, which will be the tombstone of CAIR and its 1100 employees”, he said.

Similarly, SYNYKA-SEK Chairman, Andreas Pierides stressed that the Parliament’s proposal to liberalize the skies to third countries, will force investors to withdraw their interest in CAIR and the company will be led to closure.

“Candidates strategic investors took into account CAIR’s advantages towards the EU and towards third countries where there are interstate agreements. A decision that assigns national sovereignty to any other is against the interests of any strategic investor”, Mr. Pierides said.

“If the Parliament does not withdraw its proposal, then we have no other choice but to denounce the decision to the EU as the country's economy and job posts are at stake”, he added.

On the other hand, Mr. Neophytou explained that reactions will be directed towards the amendment of legislation. “The Parliament should meet urgently to consider the provisions of this legislation”, he concluded.