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Cyprus is in the process of launching a dialogue on minimum wage

15/06/2021 09:46

"Cyprus is in the process of launching a dialogue on the issue of the minimum wage, having completed the necessary studies and sensitivity analyses needed to take into account all the implications of the introduction of a national minimum wage," Minister of Labour, Welfare and Social Affairs, Zeta Aimilianides said in her intervention to the works of the EU Council of Employment Ministers, which took place earlier on Tuesday in Luxembourg.

The main topics of the Council were, among others, the Proposal for a Directive on Adequate Minimum Wages in the EU and the next steps of the Porto Social Summit, which adopted the Action Plan of the European Pillar of Social Rights.

In addition, the Minister expressed her support to the Action Plan for the implementation of the Pillar of Social Rights and stressed that Cyprus has prioritised a number of projects, actions and policies to achieve its objectives, both through the use of resources from the Recovery and Sustainability Fund and the European Social Fund, but also from national resources.

The Minister referred, finally, presented the social dialogue in Cyprus and the important role it played in reducing the adverse conditions of the pandemic crisis and maintaining healthy working relations.