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Early retirements below expectations

08/10/2014 06:09
The number of early retirements in 2014 is much lower than expected, despite the stir caused by the government’s intention to tax the retirement bonus.

According to Public Service Commission data, only 75 people retired early since the beginning of the year while the applications for the retirement of 33 more employees by the end of the year have already been approved.

Despite the turmoil for the taxation of retirement bonus, only 31 applications for early retirement were submitted in September 2014.

There is also a small number of applications that are being processed.

Compared with previous years, early retirements have plummeted, raising concerns to the government, which has an MoU-related obligation to reduce the total number of positions in the public and broader public sector by 4500 persons.

In 2013, early retirements had increased to 926 and in 2012 to 734.

Overall, 21 persons are expected to retire in 2014 due to age, 102 in 2015 and 101 in 2016.

The PSC data concern the permanent civil servants only within the jurisdiction of the Commission. The do not concern temporary and hourly employees as well as employees of the broader public sector, teachers and employees in the security forces.

By the end of September 2014, the number of permanent civil servants amounted to 12.897 against 12.931 in 2013 and 13.939 in 2012.

Approximately 126 employees of the semi-governmental organizations that were abolished by specific legislation joined the public service in 2014.