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Government employment up in July due to temporary staff increase

11/08/2020 16:13

Total government employment was up in July this year on an annual and a monthly basis mainly due an increase in temporary staff in the sector of education.

In July 2020 total government employment increased by 573 persons (1.1%) in comparison to the corresponding month of 2019 and reached 52,865 persons. Permanent staff decreased by 686 persons (2.4%), from 28,283 to 27,597 persons. Casual staff increased by 1,346 persons (8.8%) and reached 16,664 persons compared to 15,318 persons in July 2019, a Cyprus Statistical Service press release says.

Compared to July 2019, it adds, an increase is observed in education staff (5.1%) as well as in security force staff (0.1%) while a decrease is observed in civil service staff (0.2%). In all three categories of staff there is an increase in casual staff and the highest is observed in education (25.7%).
Compared to June 2020, an increase is observed in all categories with the highest increase in education staff (2.4%). The increase is solely attributed to casual staff (8.0%).
The increase in education casual staff is partially attributed to the late payment (as a consequence of Covid-19) of the substitute teachers in primary education, CyStat says.