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Government employment rises in August

14/09/2020 09:00

Employment of the Cypriot government rose to 52,146 persons in August 2020, marking an annual increase of 0.9% or 441 persons owing to increased temporary personnel which rose by 8.5% compared to August 2019.

According to data published by the Cyprus Statistical Service (Cystat), permanent employees declined by an annual 2.6% to 27,516 in August 2020 and by 0.3% compared with July 2020.

Temporary employees amounted to 16,051 persons marking an increase of 8.5% compared with August 2019 and a reduction of 3.7% compared with the previous month of 2020.

Hourly workers in August 2020 declined to 8,579 marking a reduction of 1% compared with August 2019 while compared with July 2020, hourly employees declined by a marginal 0.2%, Cystat said.

Compared to August 2019 an increase is observed in Education staff (3.7%) as well as in Security Force staff (0.6%) while Civil Service staff declined by 0.2%. All three categories exhibited increases in temporary staff with the highest registered in Education with 23.4%.

According to Cystat, compared to July 2020, all categories registered reductions with the exception of Security Services which increased by 0.5%.  Education staff marked the highest reduction with 5.1% solely attributed to temporary staff.