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Unemployment down compared to last year

26/11/2001 13:45
According to a survey carried out by the Statistical Service for the second trimester of 2001, unemployment is 3.9% compared to 4.9% the same period last year. The survey was compulsory according to Regulations of the EU.

The information for the survey is based on answers given on a special questionnaire on a representative number of households. Up till now in Cyprus the unemployment percentages were calculated by the traditional method, based on persons registered as unemployed and based on this method unemployment for the second trimester of 2001 is 3% compared to 3.4% the same period last year.

According to the survey, 2,305 persons which equal 20% of the total number of unemployed, the majority being women, are only interested in part time work which at present is limited.

Excepting those who seek part time work, then the unemployment percentage decreases significantly to 3.1%, a figure which complies with the actual unemployment situation in Cyprus, comparing favorably with 3.6% the same period in 2000.