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Commission assessing Cypriot authorities response to citizenship investment scheme

27/10/2021 09:38

The Commission has received the reply of the Cypriot authorities as part of the ongoing infringement procedure regarding the Cyprus Investment Programme and is currently assessing it, a Spokesperson for the Commission said adding that the basis for any decision is always the exchanges with the relevant member state.

Responding to a question on whether the European Commission has received the interim report of the Cypriot inquiry committee on the Cyprus Investment Programme, which, according to the journalist, found that half of the citizenships were granted illegally, Commission Spokesperson Christian Wigand said that he could not confirm whether the report has been received.

“But of course we are following this issue very closely in the context of the ongoing infringement procedure against Cyprus,” Wigand added, recalling that the process is currently in its second stage after the Commission sent a reasoned opinion to Cyprus on June this year.

“We have received a reply from the Cypriot authorities which we are currently assessing in view of the next steps,” the Spokesperson said.

Wigand reiterated the Commission’s position as regards citizenship for investment schemes that “European citizenship, European values are not for sale and we have made our legal case clear that we expect this to be changed in Cyprus and also in Malta which is the second country where there is an ongoing infringement procedure.”

The Spokesperson added that the Commission is following all developments and noted that “the basis for our decisions is always our exchanges with the member states and we are currently analysing the reply” sent by Cyprus.