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Decrease in exports of medicinal products

09/04/2021 15:53

In 2020, exports and imports of medicinal and pharmaceutical products increased in the vast majority of the EU Member States despite the general decrease in trade following the restrictive measures taken in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Slovenia reported the largest increase of imports in medicinal products (+31%) and the second largest increase in exports (+42%) and Greece registered the largest increase in exports of medicinal products (+48%). Cyprus recorded a decrease of such exports by 12%.

The main destination of extra-EU exports of medicinal and pharmaceutical products in 2020 was the United States (accounting for 34% of EU exports of these products), followed by Switzerland (12%), the United Kingdom (8%) and China (6%).

Imports of medicinal and pharmaceutical products to the EU came mainly from Switzerland (accounting for 35% of EU imports of these products) and the United States (28%), followed by the United Kingdom (12%).

Between 2019 and 2020, the trade in medicinal and pharmaceutical products from Switzerland, the United Kingdom and most other countries increased, with the exception of imports from the United States (-11%; close to the general drop in US imports to the EU).

During this period, exports of medicinal and pharmaceutical products to the United States and Switzerland increased by 14% and 20% respectively, while exports to the United Kingdom dropped by 15%. Increases were observed for a majority of other EU trade partners.