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Benefits from implementation of EU environment directives

15/11/2001 09:31
The Minister of Agriculture, Natural Resources & Environment Costas Themistocleous held a press conference yesterday, outlining the benefits which will result from implementation of the EU directives on the environment, according to results of a scientific survey by the EU.

Over a period of around 20 years, benefits in today’s terms, are estimated to be between CYP 360 million and CYP 1.75 billion, equalling 0.8%-3.7% of gross national income, with implementation costs estimated around CYP 500 million spread over a period of 10 years.

Benefits on an annual basis from implementation of directives for the protection of the atmosphere could be up to CYP 80 million, for protection of water resources up to CYP 57 million and from processing of sewage up to CYP 43 million per annum.

Other benefits from full implementation of the directives will include restoration of areas which are contaminated, protection of the ecosystem and of wildlife, improvement of the quality of fuel, savings on energy and water, reduction of contamination from fertilizers, expansion and improvement of the sewage system and others.