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Cyprus has a bridging role between Europe and the Middle East

28/11/2019 09:50

Regional cooperation and the benefits for the small states of Europe was discussed during the second section of the 13th Conference of the Presidents of the Parliaments of the Small States of Europe, in Nicosia.

This section was attended by Presidents of Parliaments or their representatives from the Middle East states, namely the Presidents of the Parliaments of Egypt and Oman and the deputy Presidents of the Parliaments of Saudi Arabia and Palestine, a Member of the Kuwaiti Parliament and the Ambassador of Israel.

Cyprus House President was the keynote speaker and spoke of the role of the Cyprus as a bridge between Europe and the Middle East, which is used to encourage and facilitate bilateral relations and cooperation for the benefit of the citizens. He also emphasized on the role the Parliaments should play in the field of economic diplomacy and investment, but also in creating a framework that would encourage and facilitate economic collaboration.

According to Syllouris, the Cyprus Parliament fulfills its task that has to do with the adjustment of the legislative framework of Cyprus to the general desire and policy of attracting investments, which largely contribute to the island’s economic development.

He said that these laws are necessary for Cyprus to remain an attractive environment for companies and investments and have to do with corporate tax provisions and in the ratification of agreements with several countries, to avoid double taxation.

Syllouris also said that the Parliament recognizes the role it can play in economic diplomacy and its international activities include the economic and business aspects with the participation of CIPA and business associates as delegates in various visits, ie the recent visit to China.

A working lunch followed during which the participants were briefed by CIPA Vice Chair on the challenges in Investment and Economic Growth for small states.