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Official launch of the next Horizon Europe Programme in Cyprus

08/04/2021 09:08

The official launch of the next Horizon  Europe - Programme in Cyprus took place on Wednesday, a press release by the Deputy Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy says.

Horizon Europe, covering the period 2021-27, is the biggest Research and Innovation funding programme of the European Union, which sets the best minds in Europe and the rest of the world to work to deliver excellent solutions to the key issues of our time, supporting the EU’s policy priorities and building a better future for the next generation in Europe.

Building on the success of Horizon 2020, Horizon Europe, with a total budget of almost 95.5 billion Euro for 2021-2027, provides a wealth of opportunities for the public and private sectors in Cyprus, as well as for the public in general.

The virtual event, celebrating the official launch of the next Framework - Programme in Cyprus, brought together speakers from the European Commission (EC) and the national R&I ecosystem and includes interventions by political and governmental officials with the aim of mobilising the local research and entrepreneurial community for Horizon Europe and its articulation with national R&I initiatives.

The event gave an insight to the upcoming Programme, highlighting the main activity lines, the novelties and the keys to success.

The event was also an occasion to get to know all about the available services offered by the National Contact Points to support Cypriot applicants and participants in the Horizon Europe.