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Tsipras: Greek proposal in creditors’ hands

02/06/2015 13:19
The creditors of Greece since yesterday have in their hands the complete proposal of the Greek government, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras stated a moment ago.

“The plan of the Greek government is in the hands of Europe's political leadership and I wish it will approach our positions with respect and will adhere to realism” said Mr. Tsipras.

“Negotiations are tough but we are decisive and we have submitted a plan so that Greece exits the crisis even though the discussions with our partners are taking place under adverse conditions”, he noted.

“Greece stands for the first time and claims its rights. All Greeks know the difference of a government that negotiates hard and the previous governments that were simply signing the requirements of the lenders”, he argued.

The Prime Minister noted that “the acceptance of the Greek proposal by the creditors will mark the end of the scenarios of Europe's division”.

Mr. Tsipras admitted that Athens has made concessions, because “concessions are made in a compromise”.

The government leaked that the Greek proposal concerns a simple draft, a text with proposals on which the government accepts changes and new treatment.

These proposals in no way constitute an ultimatum to the other side, it is noted.