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Only 80% of property tax collected

21/10/2014 07:23
Only 80% of the total amount of the property tax was paid last year, according to data the Finance Ministry submitted to the Parliament.

The degree of tax compliance is relatively high, as in previous years the state received only half the amount of the property taxes that were issued.

Overall, the state collected €98 million last year, offering a discount of €10 million to those who paid the tax on time. The total amount of tax issued was €135 million.

In a reply letter by the Finance Minister, Haris Georgiades to the Ecologists MP, Giorgos Perdikis, the Minister says the compliance rate of the property tax for the years 2008-2013 was 39%, 36%, 77%, 46%, 52% and 80% respectively.

According to Finance Ministry data, until July 2014, 2,802 legal entities had not paid the property tax due for 2013, with a corresponding amount of tax of €20,8 million.

The Internal Revenue Department has issued property tax payment notices for 2013 to all natural and legal persons whose total value of property per taxpayer exceeded €12.500 at prices of 1.1.1980 and was under their ownership as at 1.1.2013.

For those owners who were already in the IRD tax database, tax was sent to the last known address.

For those owners who did not have an open tax file the registration was automatic and was based on information that was available to the IRD through related files. The taxes were sent regardless of the place of residence of the taxpayer.