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People find the cost of sending parcels high

16/01/2023 14:14

People find the cost of sending parcels to be high, accrording to a survey conducted by the Office of Electronic Communications & Postal Regulations (OCECPR), from October to December 2022. The survey asked the opinion of 1002 citizens and 508 small and medium enterprises regarding the use of postal services.

Citizens consider the cost of sending letters to be reasonable, but the cost of sending parcels high, although 75% of them do not compare the prices offered by the various providers. At the same time, most SMEs do not consider the fees of the Cyprus Post Office to be high, while 35% of them consider the fees of private providers high.

Citizens' and SMEs' satisfaction with the process of receiving parcels from private postal providers is higher than for Cyprus Post, although both have shown an increase in satisfaction compared to October 2021.

The survey showed that the percentage of SMEs using private postal providers to send parcels has increased compared to October 2021 from 53% to 63%, while the percentage of those using Cyprus Post has decreased from 47% to 44%.