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Funds beyond €2 million for projects in the countryside

22/06/2022 13:59

The Deputy Ministry of Tourism announced funding of over €2 million for projects that create “authentic experiences” in the countryside, with an open invitation for applications.

The total fund of €2.050.000 allocated is part of the Scheme for Rejuvenation of the countryside, mountainous and remote areas, as approved lately by the Cabinet.

This particular scheme, according to a press release by the Deputy Ministry, will fund the renovation of public and private buildings and open areas, that will be purposed for visits and culinary and crafting activities. The landscaping and accessibility of outdoor spaces and the development of alternative tourism projects (such as religious tourism, cultural tourism, flora and fauna observation activities and adventurous tourism) will also be funded.

Applicants will find information in the Deputy Ministry’s website Submission of applications is due to November 30th 2022 at 15:00 and the earliest applications will be prioritized, according to the announcement. For further information, applicants can contact 22691127 and 22691309, or email ~[email protected] and [email protected].