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Police report 21 persons and 6 premises for not complying with COVID19 decrees

20/10/2020 10:30

The Cyprus Police have carried out a total of 1,017 checks over the past 24 hours and have reported 21 individuals and six premises for not conforming with decrees aimed at curbing the spread of the coronavirus.

A police spokesperson told CNA that in Nicosia there were 261 checks with six individuals reported, in Limassol 165 checks with five individuals and one premise reported, in Larnaca 170 checks with one premise and eight individuals reported, in Pafos 143 checks with four premises reported, in Famagusta 118 checks with  one individual reported, and in Morphou 100 checks with one individual reported.

In addition, the marine and port police carried out 60 checks and made no reports.