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All necessary measures are taken to ensure the secrecy of vote

26/01/2023 08:27

All necessary measures are taken to ensure the secrecy of the vote during the presidential elections that will take place in February, the Chief Returning Officer has stressed.

In a press release it is noted that voters must check and make sure that the ballot paper given to them at the polling station  has the official seal on the outside,  otherwise, the ballot paper is invalid.

It adds that voters, after receiving a ballot, will enter the polling booth to exercise their right to vote. Based on the health protocol voting booths will not have a curtain and will be positioned in such a way  to ensure the secrecy of the vote and to avoid any possible influence from any other person.

It is noted that the administrative and legislative arrangements are such as to ensure the complete secrecy of the vote , particularly of the sensitive groups of the population, such as the enclaved and imprisoned. All ballots for the presidential elections are printed on white security paper.

In addition, all voters are urged to use the blue or black colored pens, which will be in the voting booths, to exercise their right to vote. If they vote with a pen of any other color, the ballot will be invalid.

He also announced that on the eve and on the day of the election it is prohibited to broadcast, advertise or publish any news or announcements, paid or unpaid that have direct on indirect to do with the elections. In addition, public gatherings and any speeches and public debates are prohibited as well as the publication of survey or exit poll results. Exception to the rule are newspapers, which are published on the eve of the election, which can only publish news from the pre-election rallies of the previous day.

It is noted that violators of the above provisions of the Law are guilty of a criminal offense and, in case of conviction, are subject to imprisonment not exceeding one year or a fine of up to 5,000 euro and/or both penalties together.