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CB Governor files legal action against “Phileleftheros”

02/04/2007 13:53
Central Bank Governor, Christodoulos Christodoulou, filed a legal action against newspaper “Phileleftheros” for two articles published two days ago on the alleged relation that the Central Bank Governor has with the Institute of Banking Training of Cyprus.

Responding to the reports, Mr. Christodoulou stated on Monday that they are ungrounded and libels. “The newspaper Phileleftheros presented ungrounded allegations against me that hit my repute and integrity as a person and as a public person. They are tendentious reports”, he said.

Mr. Christodoulou also said that the newspaper and the editor will be called to give explanations before the court. “I have already instructed my lawyer, Mr. Christos Clerides, to file the legal actions, demanding compensations by the newspaper and the editor of the libels”, he concluded.