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Citizens have a positive picture about Police

08/07/2022 07:44

Citizens’ picture as regards the job of the Cyprus police is positive, a study has found.

The conclusions were presented on Thursday by Managing Director at Insights Market Research (IMR) Christina Kokkalos, in the presence of Chief of the Police Stelios Papatheodorou who said that this positive picture makes them work with even more zeal for the benefit of the society and the safety of the citizens adding that there is no complacency on their behalf.

The study was conducted in March and April and a thousand citizens replied to questions.

According to the results, 35% of the people answered that they are faced with some kind of problem in the area of their residence, this being burglaries ( 24%), migrants (16%), noise disturbance (13%), reckless driving ( 8%) , vandalism/damage ( 6%) and drugs ( 5%).

Kokkalos said that 74% said that there needs to be a more intense patrolling in areas around schools while 78% said that they feel relatively safe where they live.

Safeguarding citizens’ safety and security was among the high priorities citizens think that the Police should have. In a question about people’s trust towards the institutions, trust towards the legal system comes first and towards the police is second on their list.

Police Chief Stelios Papatheodorou in his speech said that the Police are one of the biggest organizations of the public sectors with 24 different sections and units.

He said that the goal is to have a Police force that is modern and efficient and is at the service of the people.

He also said that in 2021 the successful investigation of drugs related incident was at 95,8% and 825 people were arrested.

As regards road safety and raising awareness Chief of the Police said that the task is complicated and involves different Ministries but said that safeguarding human lives is their top priority.

He also referred to the patrolling of the buffer zone in an effort to combat illegal migration.