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CPC: Delay in the banking ‘cartel' hearing

26/04/2004 08:23
The recent resignation of the Competition Protection Committee member, Evangelos Sykopetritis is expected to delay the hearing of the case on the banking ‘cartel’, given that this requires a quorum of at least three Committee members.

The appointment of a new third member has, therefore, been deemed necessary in order to continue the procedures, although it will take long to brief in detail the new member on the course of the investigation. As a result, the issue of a decision before the end of May would be a pleasant surprise.

Disputes on the banking cartel

Although Mr. Sykopetritis invoked personal reasons for his resignation, sources reveal that this has to do with the further hearing of the case. Mr. Sykopetritis was a member of the Committee since 1998.

CPC Chairman, Christodoulos Tsielepos avoided to comment on the resignation.