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Cyprus firefighters and rescue teams will assist Greece's Fire Department in Attica

04/08/2021 16:59

The Cyprus team which was sent to Greece Tuesday morning to contribute efforts to exstinguish the fires that are sweeping the country will assist the Fire Department operations in the areas of Varympompi and Thrakomakedones in the Attica region, according to a tweet post by the Spokesperson of Cyprus` Fire Service Andreas Kettis.

A 20-member group of firefighters and two fire engines were sent to Greece this morning on a C-130 transport plane to aid in efforts to contain the fires.

Two planes from the Forestry Department will also assist as well as a 20-member delegation from the Civil Defence department.

According to Olivia Michaelides, deputy head of the Limassol Civil Defence department, the Cyprus team has split into 2 groups of 10 persons each and will provide assistance in Varympompi. Head of Larnaka Defence department Chrysilios Chrysiliou and Deputy Chief of the Fire department Demetris Katsiflis are heading the operations.