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Industrial Production: Disappointing performance for manufacturing

08/03/2004 11:06
According to CYSTAT data released on Monday, the Industrial Production Volume Index for January - December 2003 fell by 0.6 to 104.6 points compared to the corresponding period of 2002, while the base 100 of the index reflects the volume of industrial production for 1995. Despite the drop for this period, the Industrial Production Volume Index for December increased by 7.6 to 109.9 points against last November.

Manufacturing for 2003, however, remained at 93 points due to the fall in production of Textile products (26.8) and the Leather and Leather goods (25.3) and the increase in the Transport Equipment Construction (151.7), the Production of Basic Metals and Metallic Products (131.5) and the Construction of Basic non Metallic Products (131.5).

The Index for mines and quarries for 2003 increased to 144.9 points, while the supply of power, natural gas and water reached 165 points.

It is noted that CYSTAT does not provide data for the previous years.