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National Action Plan for the promotion of the Cypriot wine

15/04/2021 16:00

Minister of Energy, Commerce and Industry, Natasa Pilides referred to the prospects of Cyprus’ wines and said that the efforts of the Ministry are both towards making the Cypriots to embrace local products and strengthen exports.

Speaking during the presentation of the first National Action Plan for the promotion of the Cypriot wine and the new Sponsorship Plan to encourage investment in wineries, Pilides said that Cypriot wine producers are making Cyprus proud.
As she said, these plans demonstrate the confidence of the Ministry of Trade and Industry for the great prospects that the wines of Cyprus have in the international markets.
According to Pilides the new sponsorship plan aims to modernise and subsidise equipment, buildings and machinery used in wineries. It is a project of €1.65 million, she added, saying that the budget is entirely from European funds.
Presenting the sponsorship plan, the Director of the Industry and Technology Service of the Ministry, Christos Fotiadis, said that the plan is important in a difficult period for the wine companies due to the pandemic.
As he pointed out, the aid given so far to wineries, have contributed significantly to the improvement of the Cypriot wine, so that they stand with more confidence next to the wines of countries with a long tradition in the field. He noted that the Ministry has approved to date, under this measure, funding of over € 13.5 million for the benefit of 40 wineries, including 11 new wineries.