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Police booked 11 individuals, 3 businesses over violations of COVID-19 measures

03/03/2022 10:33

Cyprus` Police booked in the past 24 hours 11 individuals and three businesses found to violate the measures against the further spread of COVID-19.

In total,1,693 checks were carried out in all districts.

According to a Police spokesperson, 426 checks were carried out in the Nicosia district during which one business and three persons were booked, while in Limassol, three individuals and two businesses were fined during 168 checks.

One person was fined in Larnaca where 368 checks were carried out.

In Paphos, 112 checks were carried out and three people were booked, and in the Famagusta district, one person was booked during 433 checks.

No violations were recorded during 146 checks in the Morphou area.

The Traffic unit carried out 36 checks, while another four were carried out by the Port and Marine Police but no violations were recorded.