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Police fine 17 individuals and four establishment owners for violation of COVID-19 measures

19/10/2021 09:39

Police in Cyprus reported 17 individuals and four establishment owners in the last 24 hours during 2.490 checks, for violating measures aiming to contain the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic.

A Police spokesperson told CNA that in Nicosia four people and one establishment owner were reported in 800 checks while in Limassol three people were fined from 192 checks.

In Larnaca from 505 checks three citizens were reported as well as one establishment owner while in Paphos from 180 checks two individuals and two establishment owners received fines. In Famagusta five people were booked during 428 checks.

No fines were issued after 136 checks in the Morphou area, 218 checks by the Traffic Police and 178 checks by the Port and Marine Police.

The fines were mostly issued for not wearing protective masks.