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Police fined 213 citizens and 3 establishment owners for violating measures against COVID-19

08/03/2021 09:28

Cyprus Police fined, during the last 24 hours, 199 citizens and two establishment owners for breaching the measures against the spread of COVID-19.

A Police spokesperson told CNA that a total of 12.694 checks were carried out from 6.00am on Saturday until 6.00am on Sunday. Fines were handed out to citizens mainly because they did not send the SMS required for movement or for not wearing a protective face mask. One coffee-shop owner in Limassol was fined for serving clients.

A total of 2.905 checks were carried out in Nicosia where 47 citizens and one establishment owner were booked. In Limassol the Police conducted 1.950 checks and booked 75 citizens and one establishment owner, while in Larnaca they carried out 2.102 checks and reported 29 citizens. In Paphos the Police conducted 1.392 checks and handed out fines to 23 citizens.

In Famagusta 1.723 checks were carried out and 14 citizens were fined, while in Morphou the Police carried out 1.262 checks and reported 3 citizens.

The Traffic Department carried out 1.192 checks and fined 8 citizens and the Port and Marine Police 168 checks without booking anyone.