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Police report 11 people and 8 establishments for COVID measures violations

11/01/2022 12:09

A total of 8 establishments and 11 people were fined in the last 24 hours after 1,968 inspections across the island carried out by Cyprus Police for the implementation of the decrees against COVID-19.

In Nicosia, 798 checks were carried out with 3 people and 2 premises being reported. A fine of 500 euros was imposed on the managers of a fast-food restaurant and a bakery in Nicosia because their employees did not have a safe pass.

In Limassol, after 124 inspections 2 people and 3 premises were reported. A fine of 3,000 euros was imposed on a supermarket manager who allowed a customer to enter without a safe pass and 750 euros on a brewery manager for the same reason. A fine of 8,000 euros was also imposed on a supermarket manager because there was no check for safe pass at the entry.

In Larnaka, 349 inspections were carried out and fines were imposed on 4 people and 2 premises. Specifically, a fine of 500 euros was imposed on a mini market after a customer without a safe pass was identified and a fine of 4,000 euros in a fruit market in which there were no safe pass checks.

In Pafos, 144 checks were carried out and a fine of 500 euros was imposed on an establishment that didn’t apply measures against the spread of the disease. In Famagusta after 249 inspections 2 people were reported and in Morphou after 267 inspections no violation was registered. The Traffic Police carried out 46 inspections without reports, while there were no reports after inspections at ports and airports.