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Police report 119 citizens for violations of COVID measures

11/01/2021 12:10

Cyprus Police reported 119 citizens for violations of Covid measures in the last 24 hours, in a total of 10.092 checks.

The majority of the reports were for violation of the new measures that came into effect as of Sunday morning. With a Decree issued by the Ministry of Health after a Cabinet decision, Cyprus went into lockdown as of January 10.

A Police officer told CNA that 15 fines were issued in Nicosia after conducting 2.166 checks.  In Limassol 2.339 checks were carried out and 50 citizens were booked. The Police booked 18 citizens after 1.160 checks carried out in Larnaca. In Paphos 16 fines were issued after 1.814 checks, in Famagusta the Police reported 15 citizens after 1.653 checks and in Morphou district 3 fines were issues after 709 checks.

Furthermore, the Traffic Department carried out 214 checks and booked 2 citizens.

Also, Cyprus Port & Marine Police carried out 37 checks with no fines issued.