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Police report 12 premises and 15 citizens for breaching measures against COVID-19

14/08/2020 16:46

Cyprus Police reported twelve premises and fifteen citizens within 24 hours - from Thursday morning until Friday morning - for breaching the measures against the spread of COVID-19. A total of 883 checks were carried out.

According to the Police press office 108 checks were carried out in Nicosia. Four premises and six citizens were reported.

In Limassol out of 184 checks one premise and seven citizens were reported while in Larnaca the Police carried out 228 checks without any violations being reported.

In Paphos the Police reported seven primises after conducting 54 checks, while in Famagusta 155 checks were carried out and one citizen was reported.

In Morpohou the Police reported one citizen after carrying out 154 checks.