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Police report 143 citizens and two shops for Covid-19 measures violations

22/01/2021 14:03

A total of 143 individuals and two shop owners were reported by the Cyprus Police in the last 24 hours, for violations of measures in place to contain the Covid-19 pandemic.

A Police spokesperson told CNA that the force carried out a total of 12,246 checks island-wide in the last 24 hours ending at 06.00 local time Friday.

As of January 10, Cyprus entered in three-week lockdown with the citizens, except those allowed to go to their works which were not suspended under the lockdown measures, allowed to move outside their homes twice after requesting permission via SMS.

In Nicosia, the Police reported 40 individuals after 3,200 checks, in Limassol 33 individuals were reported following 3,370 checks. In Larnaca 15 individuals and one shop were reported after 1,325 checks, while the Police reported 13 citizens and one shop in Paphos after 837 checks. Another 31 individuals were reported in Famagusta, following 2,103 checks. An additional 792 checks were carried out in the area of Morphou, with no reports.

Furthermore, 52 checks were carried out by the Marine and Port Police with zero persons reported. No reports were made in Larnaca and Paphos airports.

The Traffic department carried out 533 checks and reported 11 citizens, while the Police’s Rapid Response Unit reported no one out of 34 checks.