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Police report 3 premises' owners and 45 citizens for violations of COVID-19 measures

30/10/2020 11:28

Cyprus police reported 3 premises` owners and 45 citizens in a total of 1,517 checks the last 24 hours, for violations of COVID-19 measures.

A police spokesman from the Police Press Office told the CNA that in Nicosia the checks were 348 during which 10 citizens were reported. The Police conducted 296 checks in Limassol and reported 1 premise owner and 15 citizens while in Larnaka the checks were 308 and 13 citizens were reported.

In Paphos the checks were 231 and 2 premises` owners and 1 citizen were reported, in Famagusta the checks were 278 and 6 citizens were reported and in Morphou 1 citizen was reported in a total of 56  checks.