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Police report 67 citizens for violations of COVID measures

16/02/2021 09:48

Police reported 67 citizens in a total of 8, 925 checks the last 24 hours  for violations of COVID measures.

A police officer from the Press Office told the Cyprus News Agency that in Nicosia the checks were 3,422 and the Police fined 24 citizens, in Limassol the Police carried out 579 checks and fined 8 citizens and in Larnaka the checks were 1,460 and 18 people were fined.

The Police conducted 962 checks in Paphos and fined 10 citizens, in Famagusta 6 people were fined in a total of 992 checks and in Morphou 1 person was fined in 697 checks.

The Marine Police carried out 68 checks with zero reports. No reports were made in 804 checks by the Traffic Department and 9 by the Emergency Response Unit.