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Police report 80 citizens for violations of COVID measures

12/01/2021 09:16

Cyprus Police reported 80 citizens for violations of Covid-19 measures in the last 24 hours, in a total of 10.374 checks.

From the 80 reports, 37 were issued for not sending an SMS for their movements and 43 for not using a protective mask. With a Decree issued by the Ministry of Health after a Cabinet decision, Cyprus went into lockdown as of January 10.

A Police officer told CNA that 21 fines were issued in Nicosia after conducting 2.073 checks. In Limassol 2,683 checks were carried out and 28 citizens were booked. The Police booked 8 citizens after 819 checks carried out in Larnaca. In Paphos 15 fines were issued after 1,900 checks, in Famagusta the Police reported 8 citizens after 1,338 checks and in Morphou none was reported after 777 checks.

Furthermore, the Traffic Department carried out 761 checks with no violations. Also, Cyprus Port & Marine Police carried out 23 checks with no fines issued.