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Police reported 4 premises' owners and 10 citizens for violations of COVID-19 measures

23/10/2020 14:06

The Cyprus Police conducted 1.065 checks island-wide, the past 24 hours, and reported  4 premises` owners and 10 citizens for violations of COVID-19 measures.

A press officer from the Cyprus Police told CNA that most of the reports were made because people failed to comply with the face mask use.

In Nicosia the Police made 134 checks and reported 1 citizen, in Limassol the checks were 180 and 2 citizens were reported, in Larnaka the checks were 185 and  4 citizens were reported , while in Paphos the Police conducted 141 checks and reported 2 premises` owners and 1 citizen.

In Famagusta the checks were 200 and 2 citizens and 1 premise owner were reported and in Morphou the Police made 88 checks with zero reports.

Moreover the Marine Police made 137 checks with zero reports.

Zero reports were made during checks at airports.