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Research Deputy Minister to discuss cooperation on digital transformation in Athens visit

24/03/2023 14:12

Deputy Minister of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy, Filippos Hadjizacharias is travelling to Athens on Monday (27/3) for a one-day visit, at the invitation of Minister of Digital Governance of Greece, Kyriakos Pierrakakis.

He will be accompanied by Permanent Secretary of Deputy Ministry, Dr. Stelios Chimonas, and the Head of his Office, Kyriaki Pantziarou.

The Deputy Minister will have separate meetings with Pierrakakis and the leadership of the Ministry of Digital Governance to discuss further deepening and expansion of Cyprus-Greece cooperation to accelerate digital transformation, on the basis of the Memorandum in the field of Digital Policy and Cybersecurity, signed last April.

The aim is the exchange of good practices and expertise in matters of common interest, but also the joint implementation of digital projects with added value for the economy and society of the two countries.

The Cypriot delegation will also meet with the Deputy Minister of Research and Technology Christos Dimas, and ways of cooperation will be discussed.