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Twenty-two individuals fined for COVID-19 violations

24/09/2021 09:37

Twenty-two individuals and one shop owner were fined during checks in the last 24 hours, according to Police during 2,807 checks throughout the government-controlled areas of the Republic for violations of COVID-19 protective measures.

No fines were given during 659 checks in Nicosia while in Limassol after 368 checks, eight individuals and one establishment owner were reported. In Larnaca, after 581 checks, two individuals were reported while in Paphos, after 148 checks four citizens were reported. In Famagusta, 8 individuals were reported after 561 checks and in the Morphou area there were no violations of the COVID-19 measures after 241 checks.

There were no reports after Traffic police carried out 168 checks and 81 checks at ports.

Most violations concerned the non-use of protective masks or safepass.