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CAIR in consultation with investor

16/04/2013 16:08
The deliberations of Cyprus Airways with representatives of Middle East Airlines and and other companies for the possible acquisition of Cyprus Airways are at early stages.

CAIR informed the investing public that Middle East Airlines and its representatives had preliminary contacts with directors of the Company and the Ministry of Finance.

“Consultations are at an early stage and there is nothing to announce so far”.

As previously announced by the Company on April 5, 2013, it also held consultations with other companies that had expressed interest in acquiring Cyprus Airways, however, these consultations are in preliminary stage and there is nothing to announce.

Regarding media reports that Cyprus Airways have reached an agreement with the Government for the future of the company, it is mentioned that the Government has adopted a restructuring plan proposed by the Board of Directors to reduce its fleet to six aircraft and one backup.

The Company will make further announcement to the CSE, pursuant to current legislation, when there is something to announce.