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CAIR: The gap is unbridgeable

17/02/2012 16:11
No common grounds in order to bridge the gap between Cyprus Airways and the trade unions were found today, despite employees’ intention to accept a labour cost cut.

In his statements to StockWatch, Labour Relations Manager of Labour Ministry, Andreas Milonas said that there are no common grounds between the two sides so as to join the deliberation table.

“However, efforts will continue on a daily basis hoping that we will find a solution soon”, he added.

The representatives of all five trade unions, who had a meeting with the mediatory service yesterday, told the Board of Directors of the national carrier that they stay firm to their position for the submission of a completed business plan before reaching an agreement for the reduction of labour cost.

Chairman of SYNYKA-SEK, Andreas Pierides, in his statements to StockWatch, reiterated that the employees are ready to accept a reduction of 9% in labour cost which entails saving of €5 million per annum for the company, however, they insist on the submission of a completed business plan. “We want to know the number of the redundant staff, the new flight schedule and the new cutbacks”, he said.