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Demetra bets on properties

17/01/2011 12:06
Demetra Investments, the biggest investment company, continues to bet on properties, investing one third of its assets in the sector. According to its investments in late December 2010, the Company had invested €58 million (of its total assets of €174.2m) or 33.27% in the land development and property sector in Cyprus, Romania and Bulgaria.

In Cyprus, its investments in the property sector stand at €41.3 million, in Romania at €10.1 million and in Bulgaria at €6.6 million.

The other one third of its assets is in bank deposits and cash (€63.8 million or 36.55%).

As for its investments in shares and bonds, they stand at 13.58% of its assets, while 2.86% is invested in other projects.

Its total assets in 2010 dropped by €11.3 million compared to 2009, when they stood at €185.5 million.