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Happy end in KEO

08/06/2011 15:54
The dispute between KEO and its employees after the former’s intention to dismiss 150 employees had a happy ending.

Specifically, 71.68% of the total 453 employees of the historic industry voted for the new proposal submitted by the Labour Ministry.

The proposal was a result of intense deliberations between the Manager of the Labour Ministry’s mediatory service, Andreas Milonas and representatives of the trade unions.

26.32% of the employees voted against the proposal and 1.76% were white votes.

The proposal provides for the payment of compensations by the company to the 120 employees that will be dismissed against a commitment of the remaining 430 that they will proceed with allocations. The trade unions believe that compensations will reach €2.5 million and allocations €1.5 million.

According to the proposal, the number of the employees that will be dismissed is 120 from 150 that the initial proposal was.

The company will accept offers for voluntary withdrawal but it will have the last say.

The compensations that will be paid will be 11 wages for every year of service to all employees of 57 years old and under.

To those of 57 to 60 years old, the compensation will be of 8 wages and to those of 60-63 it will be of 6.

The wages include the 13th and the 14 salary, while compensations will be paid in three installments.

40% will be paid on 1/7/2011 and the rest in two installments in 2012.

As for the renewal of the union contract for the next three years, the proposal provides for zero rises and annual surcharges for 2012.

For 2013-2014, it provides for the allocation of half of the surcharge and no general pay rises.

The agreement also provides that within the framework of the renewal of the union contract 2012-2014, the leave that corresponds to the 13th and 14th salary of a total four days will not be calculated.

Also, during the three years the company will not pay contributions to the 13th and 14th salary.

With regard to the Health Fund, it provides that the Company’s contribution is at 1%, excluding the 13th and 14th salary and in case that the Fund has a problem, the Company will have the opportunity to re-examine the issue.

According to the trade unions, the only differentiation which is a result of today’s deliberations is that the renewal of the union contract from 2015 onwards will bring back the benefits of 2011.

KEO employees have been on strike since June 1, after the rejection of the Ministry’s proposal for the settlement of the dispute.