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KEO still in deadlock

08/06/2011 11:17
KEO is still in deadlock despite efforts to lift the labour dispute, since employers insist on their views while they did not reciprocate to the new invitation of the Labour Ministry’s mediatory service to enter in deliberations.

Manager of the Labour Relations Department, Andreas Milonas appeared slightly optimistic that they will finally accept the invitation and will enter in talks during the day.

Mr. Milonas had a two-hour meeting with SEK and PEO representatives early in the morning in an effort to see the indications on behalf of the employees in relation to KEO’s decision to dismiss 120 employees. Those indications seem to concern more the future of the remaining employees, the compensations and the upcoming renewal of the union contracts.

Mr. Milonas is expected to do the same with the employers if they are willing to deliberate.

According to Mr. Milonas, the controversial points for the trade unions are the content of the renewal of the union contract, which has been connected with the allocation of €1.5 million for a year of benefits of the employees who will sign the contract as well as the compensations of those who will be dismissed.

“If everything goes well, we will submit a new mediatory proposal that will correspond to the indications of both sides”, he said.

The representatives of SEK and PEO, Neophytos Constantinou and Charalambos Pratsis stressed that the employers will hold general meetings during the day if the Labour Ministry submits a new mediatory proposal.