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Profits for Demetra

12/11/2012 16:43
Demetra Investments is enjoying profits since early 2012 against losses last year, according to its interim management statement released today.

“The Company continued with the management of its portfolio with investments in shares and bonds in the CSE and the ASE in cooperation with the Company’s Investment Managers. The yield of the portfolio above will depend on the performance of the stock markets in Cyprus and abroad”, it said.

The Group did not proceed with significant deals in the sector.

The activities for the construction of a desalination unit in Larnaca continue.

As for its prospects, the results for 2012 will depend on the course of the stock exchange indices in Cyprus and abroad, as well as the course of the property markets in which the Group has invested.

In 2011, the Company announced losses of €14.7 million against €15.6 million in 2010.

In the first half of 2012 the Company announced profits of €2.1 million.