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C. Ellinas: 'I did not apply for a refund from WKH'

21/03/2003 13:35
Head of Sharelink Financial Services, Christodoulos Ellinas, has denied all allegations that he has applied for a refund of CYP 100,000 from White
Knight, stressing that on the Extraordinary General Meeting of the Company held on Friday, 97.5% of the members were against the money refund as provided by "Kleantous law".

It is noted that the report has been released by newspaper "Politis", according to which Mr. Ellinas has requested a refund of CYP 100,000 via the listed company Euroinvestments in which he has a margin account.

It is worth mentioning that Sharelink - which basically controls WKH - did not comply with the CSE Council terms to proceed to money refund to investors as provided by "Kleantous law" and this was one of the reasons that lead the CSE Council to block the acquisition proposal of SFS for White Knight.