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Emerging Market attracts foreign companies

01/07/2016 10:12
The Emerging Companies Market of the Cyprus Stock Exchange has managed to attract a significant number of securities of foreign and Cypriot companies of foreign interests, amid adverse economic climate.

Currently the capitalization of the market is of about € 1,3 billions, which is regarded as a great success for the CSE.

The latest figures, obtained by the Cyprus News Agency, show that twenty eight companies are listed on the E.C.M. Market, of which twenty two are Cypriot, three from Greece, one from Malta and two from the United Kingdom.

These companies are from a wide range of sectors, such as commerce, development of new projects, Golf resorts, insurance business, consulting services, the hydrocarbon sector and software systems.

The E.C.M. Market of the CSE is described as unregulated and therefore it does not come under the mandatory provisions for regulated markets. Investors are investing in companies with higher potential risk.

The advantages arising for companies introduced to the E.C.M, are, inter alia, the ability to raise capital and easy access to the secondary market.