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712 bouncing cheques in the market in 2010

04/03/2010 06:52
The economic crisis and the lack of liquidity keep the issue of bouncing cheques high, despite the slight drop in February both on an annual and monthly basis.

According to latest Central Information Registry data, the number of bouncing cheques in the second month of the year fell to 314 from 398 in January 2010 and 317 in February 2009.

On an annual basis, their number dropped 0.9% while on a monthly basis the decline reached 21.1%.

In January – February 2010, the number of bouncing cheques decreased 13.4% to 712 from 822 last year.

As for their value, it stood at €569.6 thousand in February from €567.9 thousand in January 2010 and €867.7 thousand in February 2009.

Compared to January 2010, the value of bouncing cheques recorded an increase o 0.3%, while on an annual basis it fell 34.4%.

In January – February 2010, their value amounted to €1.1 million from €2.1 million last year.