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Beer deliveries rise by 17%

09/06/2021 16:20

Beer deliveries in Cyprus rose by an annual 17% in the first months of 2021 with beer sales both for local consumptions and for export recording annual rise.

According to data released by the Statistical Service of Cyprus, total beer deliveries for the period of January – May 2021 amounted to 10.49 million litres compared with 8.95 ml in the respective period of last year. The first five moths of last year included increased restrictions due to the outbreak of the covid pandemic as well as a full-month of travel ban in April which was partially lifted in May 2020.

Beer deliveries for local consumption for the period of January – May 2021 amounted to 10 ml and accounted for 95% of total deliveries, recording an increase of 16% compared with the same period of 2020.
Beer exports in January – May 2021 rose by 54% year on year amounting to 494,043 litres compared with 321,617 in the respective period of last year.
According to Cystat, in May 2021 total beer deliveries reached 3,37 ml litres recording an increase of 38% year on year with deliveries for local consumption reaching 3.23 ml litres rising by 16% compared with same period of last year.
Beer deliveries for exports in May amounted to 137,674 litres marking an annual increase of 24% compared with 110,930 May 2020.