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Beer sales drop sharply due to lockdown measures

10/02/2021 14:15

Beer deliveries in Cyprus dropped sharply in January of 2021 affected by the three-week lockdown measures imposed in early January as well as closed restaurants and bars as part of the measures to contain the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

Total beer deliveries down by 43.5% year on year to 981,592 litres compared with 1,73 million litres in the same month of last year.

Deliveries for local consumption declined sharply by 46% to 925,427 litres compared with 1,71 million in January 2010 affected by restrictive measures, as well as the absence of tourists due to travel restrictions.

However, beer exports rose by 76.5% reaching 56,165 litres in January 2021 compared with 31,182 in the respective period of 2019.