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Clothing e-buying gaining ground

11/12/2015 14:47
Cypriots choose to buy their clothing and sports equipment via the Internet, a trend which is evident in the whole of the EU, as Eurostat data released today show.

According to the data, 60% of Cypriots’ purchases via the internet concerned clothes and sports goods.

In 2015, the most popular product purchased online in the EU was clothes and sports goods, with 60% of e-buyers having bought an item of this group.

According to the data, clothes and sports goods were the top item in nineteen Member States. The highest share of e-buyers having purchased clothes online in 2015 was registered in the United Kingdom (74%), ahead of Malta (72%) and Bulgaria (71%).

Travel and holiday accommodation was the most popular category in the remaining nine Member States.

In the European Union, the proportion of individuals aged 16 to 74 having ordered goods or services for private use over the internet has continuously risen, from 30% in 2007 to 53% in 2015. This means that the EU has exceeded its digital agenda target of 50% by 2015.

Most e-buyers in the EU seemed satisfied with their online purchases as 70% said they did not encounter any problem when ordering online.

In 2015, the share of e-buyers was highest in the United Kingdom (where 81% of the total population aged 16 to 74 purchased online), Denmark (79%), Luxembourg (78%), Germany (73%), the Netherlands, Finland and Sweden (all 71%).

In contrast, Romania (11% of e-buyers), Bulgaria (18%), Cyprus (23%) and Italy (26%) registered the lowest proportions.

Overall, in half of the Member States, the share of e-buyers was above 50%.