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Credit card usage rose in March

09/04/2015 10:30
Payments to the Road Tax Department led the use of credit cards in the domestic market up in March 2015, according to new figures of the JCC.

According to JCC the Road Tax Department contributed to the increase recorded in the Government sector in March because of the different deadlines compared to last year.

The value of credit card transactions by Cypriots in the domestic market increased by 9% to €181.3 mn, while the number of transactions increased by 6% to 2.8 mn.

The overall monthly usage without the Government sector remained stable.

In the first three months of 2015 the use of credit cards by Cypriots fell by 2% to €551.8 mn.

Purchases abroad

JCC data show that the use of credit cards by Cypriots abroad, including online shopping, increased by 4% at € 97.1 mn. The number of transactions fell by 1% to 926.2 thousand.

In the first three months of 2015 the use of cards by Cypriots abroad rose by 1% at €280.4 mn.

As for the non-Cypriots, the value of transactions increased in the third month of the year by 19%, reaching €38.5 mn. In February, the increase reached 14%.

An increase of 26% was recorded in the number of transactions which reached 410.7 thousand.

In January-February 2015 period, credit card transactions of non-Cypriots increased by 16% reaching €98.2mn.